Preworkout, Performance Enhancer, Increases Drive, Star Punch, 18.34 oz

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Preworkout, Performance Enhancer, Increases Drive, Star Punch, 18.34 oz

  • Preworkout performance enhancer
  • AML uses cutting-edge research to produce the best products
  • Increases exercise drive
  • Highest potency and concentration
  • Manufacturer quality and purity guaranteed

New and improved; the original DopaRush capsules did a mighty fine job of boosting dopamine levels in the body, eliminating CNS fatigue, enhancing productivity and boosting both mental and physical performance, but we found a way to make the best dopamine supplement on the market even better. Introducing the Dopa Rush Cocktail! We've all been there before - bad night's sleep, up early in the morning, long and tiring day at the office. 5 PM comes and you're DONE, there's no two ways about it. When this happens, it can seem nearly impossible to focus on anything or find the motivation to even eat dinner. This happens more and more frequently in today's age of a never-ending "on the go" lifestyle, ultimately leaving you feeling fatigued and lethargic. If you're able to even bring yourself to the gym on these days, you've no doubt felt your strength and performance levels are severely hindered. You might think you just need some more coffee or food to get going, but in reality, your central nervous system (CNS) is screaming for relief- and some protein and carbs simply won't get the job done. This kind of CNS fatigue demands a solution that could only be solved by the team at Advanced Molecular Labs with their newest breakthrough supplement- Dopa Rush! Dopa Rush is your solution for a weary CNS. Dopa Rush is a dopamine MAXIMIZER that increases mental alertness, focus, clarity and energy! No crash, no jitters- just enhanced mood, creativity and motivation.

  • Item Form: Capsule
  • Unit Count: 9.88 Ounce

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