Papaya Seed Extract Liquid Juice -- 1oz Sublingual Bottle

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Papaya Seed Extract Liquid Juice -- 1oz Sublingual Bottle

  • Flavor: Papaya seed
  • Brand: Herbal Papaya
  • Specialty: Certified Organic, Natural
  • Allergen Information: Latex
  • Diet Type: Keto

Organic Super Fruits, Super Foods and Ingredients in the USA by Herbal Goodness

Our Mission: To discover and manufacture multi-nutrition super-fruit and superfood products to support healthy living for US consumers and consumers abroad, encourage and promote clean and green environment and impact lives globally through healthy lifestyle.

Our Values: Quality | Impact | Sustainability

What We Do: We source out and manufacture premium quality super fruit products such as herbal teas, supplements, smoothie powders and liquid extracts from USDA Organic Certified Farms to support holistic wellbeing. Inspiring and educating individuals to respect mother earth, embrace healthy lifestyle and explore the benefits of super fruits ingredients including Papaya, Graviola (soursop), Moringa, Bamboo, Guayusa and Guava.

People nowadays are taking control of their health and becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of natural organic products, especially about the high nutritional value found in super fruits and foods, that is why we are here for you...

Papaya Seed Liquid Extract - Superfruit for Gentle Detox - Digestive Enzyme Plus - Made in USA - 1oz Bottle

Clean Energy Drink made from Organic Papaya Seeds

  • DIGESTIVE ENZYME SUPPLEMENT - Papaya seeds are rich in enzymes proven to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. Papaya seed are a good source of fiber, moving through your gastrointestinal tract undigested, adding bulk to your stools to promote regularity.

  • PROMOTE IMMUNITY - Due to their impressive nutrient and antioxidant profile, Papaya seeds may promote healthy cell development and may help reduce the negative impact of free radicals to the cells.

  • MADE IN THE USA - Where and how your products are manufactured is important. Our premium quality papaya leaf liquid extract is manufactured in a KSA (Kosher), USDA organic . The extract is dark brown in color and sweet to taste. We take great pride that our product is manufactured and packaged here in the United States.This ensures that you are receiving a healthy, premium product when you choose the Herbal Papaya brand.

  • WOMEN OWNED AND OPERATED - Herbal Goodness is proud to be women owned and operated. We pay fair market value to our papaya farmers, and only select the highest quality, organic GMO free papaya leaves available.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or diagnose, cure or prevent diseases.

Organic Guayusa Leaf Liquid Extracts

Guayusa is a naturally caffeinated herb from the forests. Boasting 2x the antioxidants in Green Tea, vitamins, minerals and 25 amino acids, Guayusa leaf extracts naturally boosts energy, focus and stamina without the jitters and crash often associated with coffee. Now comes as liquid extracts.

Guayusa is low in bitter tannins so it yields a smooth, sweet extract drink that delivers healthy, clean energy. It contains enough caffeine to give natural energy to the body and soul throughout the day. Enhance your life by staying healthy with natural remedies that suits you!

Guayusa Leaf Extract

Bamboo Leaf Extract

Moringa Leaf Extract

Guava Leaf Extract

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