Endurox Excel Natural Exercise Supplement, Increases Metabolism and Builds Endurance - 60 Caps

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Endurox Excel Natural Exercise Supplement, Increases Metabolism and Builds Endurance - 60 Caps

  • Brand: Pacific Health
  • Product Benefits: Increase Endurance,Metabolism
  • Item Form: Capsule
  • Color: Capsule
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Item Weight: 0.14 Pounds
  • Unit Count: 60 Count
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.13 x 3.13 x 5.75 inches

* Raises lactate threshold/builds endurance.
* Speeds workout recovery. Increases cardiac efficiency.
* All natural maximum strength Endurox plus Vitamin E.
* Endurox Excel will help you exceed your personal best.

Endurox excel dietary supplement, taken as part of your training regimen, is formulated to help you exceed your personal best. Endurox Excel contains maximum strength Endurox, the standardized extract of the herb ciwujia, plus the antioxidant vitamin E. This unique combination builds endurance, raises the lactate threshold, speeds workout recovery and increases cardiac efficiency by lowering heart rate while maintaining the same level of workout intensity.
During exercise, Endurox excel shifts the energy source from carbohydrate to fat. This carbohydrate shift slows the buildup of lactic acid reducing muscle fatigue, and also increases fat metabolism up to 43%. Vitamin E has been shown to improve recovery by preventing the buildup of free-radicals associated with muscle damage and soreness.

Endurox Excel is not a stimulant and has been used extensively without reported side effects. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.)

Max2O Hydration Capsules Accelerade Drink Mix Endurox Drink Mix Endurox Excel Tablets Accel Gel Energy Gel 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel Benefits Combines sodium and potassium with zinc and alanine, which significantly enhances electrolyte replenishment and rehydration Reduces incidence of cramping Faster rehydration Replenishes key electrolytes Helps maintain fluid balance Compared to a conventional carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink, Accelerade: Increases endurance by 29% Decreases muscle damage by 83% Increases rehydration by 15% (and 40% more than water) Increases endurance in a subsequent workout by 40% Compared to conventional recovery drinks, Endurox R4: Increases glycogen replenishment by 128% Decreases muscle damage by 36% Increases protein synthesis by 38% Increases endurance by 55% in subsequent workouts Decreases lactic acid levels by 13% Increases fat utilization by 43.2% Lowers heart rate during moderate exercise Increases endurance, V02 max, and fat utilization Provides rapid energy for intense or extended activity Reduces exercise-related muscle damage by 50% Significantly increases endurance by 13% Fuels superior endurance, performance, hydration and recovery Inhibits the release of fatigue signals in the brain Reduces post exercise muscle damage Each gel contains 100mg of caffeine Increase the delivery of critical nutrients to brain and muscle cells Product Form Capsules Powder Powder Tablets Gel Gel When to Use During Exercise Pre-workout, During Exercise, Post-workout Post-workout Pre-workout During Exercise During Exercise How to Use Adults, take 1-2 capsules with water 30-60 minutes prior to exercise, each hour during exercise, and one dose immediately following exercise. Mix 1 rounded scoop in 12 fl oz. water before, during, and/or after exercise. Mix 2 rounded scoops in 12-16 fl oz. water within 45 min of exercise. The usual dose is two capsules once per day and noticeable results are usually quite apparent after 3-4 weeks. Consume 1 packet with water every 30-45 minutes of activity for immediate energy Consume 1 packet with water every 30-45 minutes of activity for immediate energy Product Highlights All-Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Made with HYDREX All-Natural, Gluten Free All-Natural, Gluten Free, Antioxidants Gluten Free, Vegan, Made with Ciwujia root All Natural, Gluten Free, Some Flavors Contain Caffeine All Natural, Gluten Free, Caffeine # of Servings 60 30, 60 14, 28 30 24 Single Serving Packets 8 Single Serving Packets, 48 Single Serving Packets Made In USA Flavors Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Lemonade, Mountain Berry Fruit Punch, Tangy Orange, Lemon-Lime, Vanilla, Chocolate, Grapefruit, Banana Creme Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Kiwi, Key Lime, Raspberry Cream, Citrus Orange Chocolate, Double Espresso

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