Beverly International Muscle Mass, 150 tablets. No-nonsense BCAA formula. Try this little-known trick for greater lean muscle size.

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Beverly International Muscle Mass, 150 tablets. No-nonsense BCAA formula. Try this little-known trick for greater lean muscle size.

  • This may be one of the most underutilized tricks for kickstarting muscle growth!: Taking BCAAs between meals can work wonders for everyone from fitness newbies to bodybuilding pros. Muscle Mass is the perfect way to do it.* Key Product Features
  • Choosing a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement can be confusing. Different brands tout different ratios of the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine -e.g. 4:1:1, 8:1:1, etc. Which ratio works best
  • Muscle Mass contains a 2.5:1:1 BCAA ratio. We chose it because it closely matches the BCAA ratio found in human muscle. Doesn t this make sense when you re trying to build bigger muscles
  • The BCAAs in Muscle Mass are free form. This means they require no digestion and are ready for immediate absorption.

Why take BCAAs The levels of the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine in your blood fluctuate constantly. When they drop (especially in between meals), it can slow down muscle growth and recovery.

  • Taking Muscle Mass in between meals is an easy way to keep your BCAA levels higher and maximize lean muscle size and recovery.*
  • Who is Muscle Mass ideal for Its perfect for hard-training natural physique athletes and anyone else who is trying to gain lean muscle size or boost recovery. *
  • Muscle Mass is also great for anyone who eats little or no animal protein and wants to be sure they are getting enough BCAAs to preserve or build lean muscle and optimize recovery.*
  • Secrets to Success: For maximum results, follow the dosing instructions provided below.
  • For maximum lean muscle size*: Take a total of 1 tablet per 10 pounds of body weight during your workout (e.g. 18 tablets for a 180-lb athlete). Divide your allotment of tablets into smaller doses (e.g. 4-6 tablets each). Take 1 dose every 10-15 minutes during your workout.
  • For greater muscle recovery and performance*: Take 5 tablets pre-workout and again post-workout.
  • To preserve lean muscle during pre-contest dieting*: Take 10 tablets upon arising in the morning and again pre-workout.
  • For dramatic increases in muscle size, fullness and performance, take Muscle Mass with Mass Amino Acids and Ultra 40.* (Works awesome for hard gainers.)
  • To maximize lean gains and enhance recovery, always take at least 1 serving of a Beverly protein powder (Muscle Provider, Provosyn or UMP) right after each workout.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Brand: Beverly International
  • Item Form: Tablet
  • Unit Count: 150.00 Count
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