Alpha GPC and Uridine Stack - Mr Happy Stack - Uridine Monophosphate with No Artificial Fillers - Bioavailable Choline Supplements Promote Cognition, Focus, Mental Clarity and Dopamine Receptor Health

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Alpha GPC and Uridine Stack - Mr Happy Stack - Uridine Monophosphate with No Artificial Fillers - Bioavailable Choline Supplements Promote Cognition, Focus, Mental Clarity and Dopamine Receptor Health

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  • NATURAL BRAIN ENHANCEMENT - Alpha GPC (or alpha glycerophosphocholine ) is a phospholipid that has been shown to support cognition and mental performance. This nootropic works to increase brain activity of acetylcholine neurotransmission. It has the greatest bioavailability of ANY choline supplement, and is the only choline source that can easily cross the blood-brain barrie.. At VitaMonk, we don’t use any artificial fillers (no magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, or titanium dioxide)
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY BRAIN FUNCTION - Uridine promotes healthy brain function and increases cdp-choline levels in the brain. This helps facilitate brain health and may provide effects such as improved memory, alertness, concentration, multi-tasking and problem solving ability in healthy individuals. Uridine can also help improve mood by increasing dopamine production.
  • PROMOTES SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY & FLUID INTELLIGENCE - Uridine has been shown to promote both short-term and long-term memory. Some studies even suggested that it can improve IQ and fluid intelligence. Uridine works well in conjunction with Omega-3 fatty acids and choline from Alpha GPC to create synaptic connections and neural pathways in the brain. It’s a key building block of RNA.
  • MENTAL CLARITY & FOCUS - Our Alpha GPC supplement may help increase alertness, improve concentration and boost your level of focus. It may also improve problem solving skills, analytical thinking, and fluid intelligence. VitaMonk's Alpha GPC capsules are dosed at 325mg compared to only 300 mg per capsule of our competitors with no artificial fillers.

In this bundle, you'll get one bottle of Alpha GPC and one bottle of Uridine (60 capsules each). These ingredients work together to enhance your brain health and cognition without any artificial fillers.(no magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, or titanium dioxide).

Alpha GPC: The Most Bioavailable Form Of Choline On The Market

Alpha GPC by VitaMonk is one of the highest quality (and highest dosage) form of choline on the market today.

Choline is an essential macronutrient that plays a key role in brain development and cognition. Alpha GPC facilitates acetylcholine neurotransmission, which is one of the crucial brain chemicals involved in memory and overall brain health. Acetylcholine is commonly referred to as a"healthy aging neurotransmitter", promoting both liver function and healthy nerve function.

Uridine: Promotes Memory, Learning And Overall Mental Performance

Uridine is one of the building blocks of RNA, which your brain needs to store memories and facilitate protein translation at your neuronal synapses. Uridine increases levels of RNA in your brain, which can help facilitate healthy memory, retention and overall mental performance

Uridine increases the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in the brain, which helps your brain cells operate. It increases production of neurites, which leads to higher levels of synaptic plasticity, as well as greater encoding and storage of memories.

There's no question about it: both Alpha GPC and Uridine are must-have supplements for your brain health. They work together synergistically to enhance your cognition, provide more clarity and focus and improve fluid intelligence.

Our Alpha GPC and Uridine supplements have been engineered to give you the best form of choline that can easily cross your blood-brain barrier, so your brain can absorb it for enhanced cognition.

  • Brand: VitaMonk
  • Item form: Capsule
  • Dosage form: Capsule
  • Item weight: 1 Ounces
  • Package information: Bottle
  • Unit count: 120 count
  • Item dimensions L x W x H: 5.1 x 5.1 x 7.6 centimetres
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ ‎: No
  • Product dimensions ‏ ‎: 5.08 x 5.08 x 7.62 cm; 28.35 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ ‎: 12 July 2017
  • Manufacturer ‏ ‎: VitaMonk
  • Manufacturer reference ‏ ‎: 045079325470
  • 115 in Lipid Nutritional Supplements

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