ALLMAX Nutrition - CARBION+ (Hydration, Endurance and Recovery) - Lemon Lime -725g

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ALLMAX Nutrition - CARBION+ (Hydration, Endurance and Recovery) - Lemon Lime -725g

  • More Refreshing - CARBION+ has been reformulated with a highly soluble carbohydrate blend that mixes easily and results in a clear, refreshing, incredibly delicious drink that will crush your thirst
  • Better Hydration - The electrolyte blend has been ramped up with more of the 4 key electrolytes that you need to stay hydrated during intense exercise
  • Fuels Improved Performance - The Phased Delivery Energy Blend was designed to provide fuel for your entire workout without the energy crash associated with sugar-based sports drinks
  • Faster Recovery - Most athletes understand the importance of protein for recovery but the importance of carbohydrates is not as well recognized
  • Lab Tested & Certified

ALLMAX Nutrition - CARBION+ (Hydration, Endurance & Recovery) - Lemon Lime -725g

  • Brand: ALLMAX
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Unit Count: 25.5736 Ounce
  • Item Weight: 0.87 Kilograms
  • Package Information: Canister

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