5 HTP 100 mg Serotonin Supplements Relaxation Supplement 60 5Htp Supplement Happy Pills

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5 HTP 100 mg Serotonin Supplements Relaxation Supplement 60 5Htp Supplement Happy Pills

  • Brand: NM Nature's Main
  • Item Form: Capsule
  • Color: Herbal
  • Ingredients: 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 100 mg
  • Age Range (Description): Adult


At one time, most people didnt experience their first depression episode until their late 40s or 50s; today, depression typically first appears around age 25. And while about 9% of the American adult population suffers from some type of depression, that number is closer 11% among people ages 18 to 24.

5-HTP is a precursor amino acid of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is thought to be responsible for happiness. Lack of serotonin is often accompanied by symptoms such as: depression, insomnia, anxiety, obsessive behavior, migraines, eating disorders, aggression, and lack of sociability.

  • 5 HTP is an effective adjuvant in depression and anxiety;
  • 5-HTP renders the mental and emotional balance by inducing calm, self-confidence, stress and anxiety relief, relaxation.
  • 5HTP improves the quality of sleep, reducing the duration and frequency of sleep apnea episodes;
  • 5 HTP stimulates memory, supports learning processes, and reduces chronic headaches;
  • 5HTP supports in weight loss as an appetite suppressant;
  • 5-HTP reduces effects of premenstrual syndrome and disorders related to menopause;

In the end, learning to deal with stress and become more resilient is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. You will find many techniques and health advice in the Ebook you will receive together with your purchase of your 5HTP.

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Adrenal Support Thyroid Support Sleep Support St. John's Wort 5 HTP Made in the USA Good For Adrenal Glands Thyroid Functions Sleep Aid Anxiety & Stress Mood Enhancer Premium Ingredients Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil, Astragalus, Licorice Root, Rhodiola Rosea Iodine, Magnesium, L-Thyrosine, Ashwagandha & Adaptogens, B Complex & Minerals Melatonin, Magnesium, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, GABA, Mucuna Prurien, Phellodendron St. John's Wort 5-HTP Benefits Adrenal Fatigue, Mood Support, Energy & Focus Booster Increased Energy, Focus, Clarity, Weight Loss Support Fall Asleep Faster, Promotes REM Sleep, Mood Enhancer & Antidepressant Natural Antidepressant, Supports Nervous System, Relieves PMS Symptoms Improves Sleep, Stimulates Memory, Reduces Headaches & Addictions

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