Naturevibe Botanicals Milk Thistle Seed Powder, 1lb | Non-GMO and Kosher | Silybum marianum (16 Ounces)

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Naturevibe Botanicals Milk Thistle Seed Powder, 1lb | Non-GMO and Kosher | Silybum marianum (16 Ounces)

  • Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a perennial herb believed to have medicinal properties.
  • The seeds contain silymarin, a group of compounds said to have antioxidant.
  • Milk thistle is also known by the names Saint Mary's thistle, variegated thistle, and Scotch thistle.
  • Doses range from 175 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams, directed by your physician.
  • Milk thistle is a plant named for the white veins on its large prickly leaves. One of the active ingredients in milk thistle is silymarin, which is extracted from the plant's seeds.

Milk thistle is a large and highly distinctive thistle, with white marbling on the shiny green leaves. Flowerheads are bright magenta or purple, with thick, fleshy, spine-tipped bracts protruding around the base off the flowerhead.

Take milk thistle 30 minutes before meals for optimal effectiveness. Keep in mind that it will take at least a week or two before you notice milk thistle's beneficial effects.

For Milk thistle, using it on an empty stomach (at least 15 minutes before food) makes it work faster than after meals.

The obtained results revealed that partially defatted milk thistle seeds are a good source of protein (20.35%), lipids (11,69%), total carbohydrates (38.16%) from which crude fiber (27.24%).

  • Package Dimensions: ‎25.91 x 17.78 x 4.57 cm; 499 Grams
  • Item Weight: ‎499 g
  • Manufacturer: ‎Naturevibe Botanicals
  • Manufacturer reference: ‎MTSP/EOI
  • 41,457 in Health, Household & Personal Care Health, Household & Personal Care) 66 in Milk Thistle Herbal Supplements
  • ‎21 April 2020

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