LytePow Electrolyte Powder and LyteShow Electrolyte Supplement

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LytePow Electrolyte Powder and LyteShow Electrolyte Supplement

  • LytePow And LyteShow Electrolyte Supplement Bundle: This LyteLine bundle includes 90 servings of LytePow Electrolyte Powder that rapidly replaces electrolytes lost in sweat, prevents muscle cramps and helps you recover quickly post-workout. Plus, 4 fl. oz. of LyteShow Liquid Electrolyte Drops that power water absorption, regulates fluid balance within your cells and assists with proper brain function, energy conversion and metabolism.
  • Get Hydrated Without Extra Additives or Calories: LytePow is an electrolyte-replenishing, sea mineral powder created for health-focused people who don t want unnecessary additives or calories in their electrolyte products. Great tasting, natural lemon lime flavor, lightly sweetened with stevia leaf. Mix 1 heaping scoop (2.6 grams) with 16 oz. of water to create an isotonic electrolyte drink that rapidly replaces essential electrolytes, including magnesium.
  • Rapid Rehydration: Add LyteShow ionic liquid drops to 32 oz. of water to create an isotonic beverage that rapidly replaces a full balance of electrolytes and fluids. Includes ionic magnesium, an essential electrolyte known to be critical for energy conversion, muscle function and nerve conduction. Slightly tart and salty. Can be added to either cold or hot beverages. If you're sensitive to the mineral flavor, we recommend adding less or mix with a squeeze of lemon or splash of juice!
  • Just the Stuff You Need: You won't find calories, sugars, carbohydrates, artificial colors/flavors, or preservatives here! Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, & Keto Friendly. 3rd Party Tested and Made in the USA.
  • Move Over Big Hydration: For years, big hydration has been pushing low quality electrolytes stuffed with corn syrup, dyes, and artificial flavor. At LyteLine, we focus on high quality, rapidly absorbed sea minerals without the nonsense.

LytePow Electrolyte Powder and LyteShow Electrolyte Supplement

  • Brand: LyteLine
  • Product Benefits: Hydrating
  • Item Form: Liquid,Powder
  • Material Feature: GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

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