15-Day-Quick Premium Colon Cleanse for Regularity and Healthy Digestion Support with Probiotics for Gut Health - for Constipation and Bloating, Energy Support, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten and Sugar-Free

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15-Day-Quick Premium Colon Cleanse for Regularity and Healthy Digestion Support with Probiotics for Gut Health - for Constipation and Bloating, Energy Support, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten and Sugar-Free

  • POWERFUL 15-DAY QUICK COLON CLEANSE: Get rid of accumulated waste and say goodbye to that sluggish feeling. Our effective formula will clean you out for a fresh new start, relieving constipation and bloating. You ll feel lighter, more energized, and motivated! 100% vegan-friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free!*
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION WITH LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS PROBIOTICS: Our formula is designed to support a balanced gut microbiome with L. acidophilus, a strain known to reduce constipation. Plus, a balanced microbiota plays a vital role in supporting a healthy immune system, metabolism, and digestion.*
  • PREBIOTIC PSYLLIUM HUSK & FLAXSEEDS: Psyllium husk & flax seeds contain fibers that act as prebiotics to support the growth of the healthy microflora in your gut. Fiber can also increase water influx in the colon, which will help ease constipation, while the satiating effects of this amazing nutrient can support weight management. Prebiotics icombined with probiotics are also known as synbiotics, making them the perfect combo in our colon cleanse!*
  • ALOE VERA GEL & LICORICE ROOT: Aloe Vera gel and Licorice root are rich in substances with antioxidative properties and may support healthy digestion. Flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, for supporting healthy metabolism. You get huge benefits in a small vegetarian capsule, free of harmful chemicals, vegan-friendly, and completely NON-GMO.*
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANSING WITH SENNA, CASCARA SAGRADA & MCT: Senna and Cascara Sagrada are known for their laxative effects. Most people don't know that they are also rich in substances with antioxidative properties, which help support a healthy immune system. Medium Chain Triglycerides act as an energy source and have a high thermogenic index; Choose NutriRise Colon Cleanse! Proudly made in the USA.*

Why Choose Our 15-Day Rapid Colon Cleanse

Does your stomach feel bloated after every meal Do you have trouble losing weight and sticking to a healthy diet Do you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day Do you struggle with constipation and irregular digestion If so, the problem could lie in your colon.

Do you know how much waste your body stores at any given time Much more than you probably think. You could be carrying as much as 25 pounds of toxins and waste in your colon! Not a pretty picture, is it

These toxins can make you feel fat, tired and sick. This leads to symptoms such as upset stomach, constipation, bloating, heartburn, excessive gas, rapid weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, skin conditions, and allergies - compromising your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Thankfully, our health experts designed an effective, specialized colon cleanse with probiotics that works within 15 days to help remove the waste, eliminate toxins and support weight loss - without the harsh side effects! Imagine fitting back into your favorite jeans because you no longer deal with constant bloating. Picture your life, not having to deal with constipation or irregularity and being energized throughout the day, with amazing mental clarity to focus on the tasks in front of you. The way you think and feel transforms dramatically when you remove accumulated toxins from your body. Our 15-Day Colon Cleanse provides you with these incredible benefits in two-easy to swallow capsules per day!

The Many Benefits Of Colon Cleanse - Backed By Science

Cascara Sagrada Bark & Senna Leaves:

Cascara Sagrada is a small tree native to the United States and Canada. Its reddish-brown bark has been used for centuries as a laxative. It contains components that increase bowel movements by increasing movement through the intestines.. Senna is a native plant to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen, and it is extensively grown in Pakistan and India. It is used as a medicinal herb to treat intestinal conditions. Bioactive compounds from Senna promote movement of the large intestine and draw water and electrolytes into the colon for softer stool. *

Psyllium husk & Flaxseeds:

Psyllium husk is a form of fiber with limited digestibility. However, it acts as prebiotic because your friendly gut bacteria can use it as an energy source. Psyllium husk can also retain water in the small intestine, which is helpful in the treatment of constipation. Flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, are considered a functional food. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as alpha linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acid. They are also high in soluble fiber and compounds that support microbiota growth. *

Aloe Vera Gel & Licorice root:

Aloe Vera is a plant with multiple health benefits. It has been evaluated in several clinical studies, and found helpful for several health conditions. It is also known for its hair and skin benefits. Aloe gel is extracted from the leaf and is the most used in human treatments. Aloe Vera has been recently evaluated in the treatment of bowel conditions, as it is able to help reduce sensitivity by influencing immune responses. Licorice helps support health bowel movements and helps protect the lining of your intestine. It keeps harmful bacteria from sticking to your intestinal wall. *

Lactobacillus acidophilus:

Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that offer you health benefits when taken in adequate amounts. Their benefits include the prevention and support of diarrhea, and regulating bowel movements and improving stool consistency in constipated individuals. Most probiotic strains evaluated on constipation are from the genus Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. They produce organic acids lactic acid and acetic acid, which lower the pH of the colon and reduce colonic transit time. Moreover, prebiotics and probiotics work together to increase bowel movements by increasing the speed of waste through the colon. *

Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil:

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) may cause a negative energy balance, leading to weight loss through increased lipid oxidation and energy expenditure. MCT has a wide variety of benefits, and it not only supports weight loss as it is useful in improving mood and working as an energy source, which are necessary while doing a colon cleanse. *


Our 15-day fast-acting colon cleanse formula contains the maximum power of natural herbs Senna, Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium husk, Flaxseeds, and much more. Plus, Lactobacillus acidophilus to support your gut microbiota and change your health for good. *


Our Colon Cleanse is manufactured without any harmful fillers, additives, binders, or chemicals. We also work hard to minimize, if not completely eliminate, GMOs from our supply chain to ensure product safety while protecting our resources and moral responsibility to our valued customers. *


At NutriRise, we understand that dietary supplements, such as those sourced from foods, can cause allergic reactions because they either consist of ingredients derived from high-risk allergenic foods, such as soy lecithin, or due to cross-contamination from encounter with allergenic ingredients during the manufacturing process. For that simple reason, although it is not mandated by the FDA, we test each and every lot of raw materials and finished products to ensure they are 100% allergen-free before they are brought to the market. *

Proudly Manufactured In The United States of America:

At NutriRise, we believe you deserve the best. Customer safety is our highest priority. That's why all of our supplements are manufactured in an FDA-Registered, GMP-Certified facility in the United States. All raw materials and finished products are tested in the United States.

4 Stages Of Testing - Independent & Third Party Tested:

All of our products are tested four times throughout our supply chain. Once, when we receive raw ingredients, again during manufacturing, with further testing on finished products. Our products are also third-party tested by an unbiased, independent organization. This approach ensures our products meet exacting specifications, and that they are safe. In addition, each and every product has an allocated lot number, batch number and expiration date printed on the bottom of the bottle for traceability and transparency - in fact, you can request a COA (Certificate of Analysis) for each product to learn more.

  • Special Ingredients: Acidophilus
  • Brand: NutriRise
  • Dosage Form: Capsule
  • Material Feature: Sugar Free
  • Item Weight: 0.05 Pounds
  • Unit Count: 30 Count
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

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