Yoli Fun Sports Hydration - Box - Raspberry

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Yoli Fun Sports Hydration - Box - Raspberry

  • Flavor: Raspberry
  • Brand: YOLI
  • Package Information: Box
  • Package Weight: 0.22 Kilograms
  • Liquid Contents Description: Sports Drinks

Energy and sports drinks are nearly as popular as water, especially when it comes to working out. But while many of these sugary drinks are marketed as healthy, a lot of them can have a negative effect on your body rather than improving your athletic performance. Instead, achieve peak performance and healthy exercise recovery with Yolis Fun. Fun uses Alkalete, a patented blend designed to promote a healthy body pH, and Enduramin, a proprietary blend of electrolytes, to promote faster recovery from physical exertion. Fun is sugar-free, caffeine-free, and low in calories, making it a perfect way to stay hydrated during and after your workouts.

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