The Omega DHA and Astaxanthin

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The Omega DHA and Astaxanthin

  • Support brain health (mental endurance, cognitive function, and memory)
  • Lower inflammatory markers
  • Improve children’s learning ability and mental focus
  • Support fertility, pregnancy, and child development
  • Support longevity & healthy aging

PURE 100% VEGAN OMEGA-3 DHA: Plant-based and mercury free!Our lab-verified formula has been 3rd party tested and extensively researched for purity and efficacy. Each serving contains 500mg of DHA, 50mg of EPA and 4mg of natures mostpowerfulantioxidant, Astaxanthin. Plus Omega 7 from Sea Buckthorn. Combined with organic lemon essential oil and organic stevia extract for a flavor the entire family will enjoy!

AMAZING FLAVOR—SAY GOODBYE TO CHEMICALS, HEAVY METALS & FISHY BURPS!- Omega 3’s are mostcommonly derived from fish oil, yet fish do not make DHA and must get it from a food source. We have skipped the harmful practices of extracting from fish and have gone straight to the food source, ALGAE!Our Algae is grown in Canada free of heavy metals, harmful pollutants and is also moreenvironmentalfriendly and sustainable. Our GMP certified laboratory uses a warm water extraction technique that insures all vital nutrients are still in tact with zero oxidation.

BRAIN, VISON & CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT— DHA makes up over 50% of the grey matter of our brain. Since we don't make DHA we must get it from our food. Thousands of studies show DHA being the mostimportant omega 3 for brain development, cognitive function, increased memory, recall andimproved mood. Research also shows majorimprovementsin heart health and vision form taking DHA daily.

PERFECT PRENATAL & KIDS DHA —DHA is a critical nutrient for expecting andbreast-feeding mothers. Supplementing with algae based DHA is the only way to guarantee that your baby is safe from heavy metals and toxins found in fish oils.Adequate levels of DHA are important for nervous system function in both mothers andbabies as well as properdevelopment of brain tissue and vision.

  • Brand: Cymbiotika
  • Flavour: Organic Lemon
  • Age range (description): Child
  • Material feature: Certified Organic, Plant Based, Vegan
  • Item weight: 500 Milligrams
  • Package Dimensions ‏ ‎: 15.24 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm; 0.5 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ ‎: 24 April 2019
  • Manufacturer ‏ ‎: Cymbiotika
  • Manufacturer reference ‏ ‎: Cym-1
  • 1,473 in Antioxidant Supplements

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