Take Two - Tom of Finland Edition (TOF-WC)

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Take Two - Tom of Finland Edition (TOF-WC)

  • SPECIAL Tom of Finland Edition
  • CLEAN BOTTOMS CHOOSE TAKE TWO: The plant based, vegan-friendly formula in TAKE TWO allows you to take it easy and be clean for fun at moment s notice.
  • TAKE TWO TWICE DAILY: With 16 oz of water the ultra-premium blend of fibre expands in the digestive system and absorbs debris along the pathway, so nothing gets in the way of a good time!
  • PROPRIETARY, VEGAN FORMULA: TAKE TWO features a unique formula of Aloe Vera, Chicory, Cinnamon and Psyllium Husk. The Aloe soothes inflammation, the cinnamon fights to reduce bloating and odor, the psyllium husk provides bulk to your movement, all while the chicory serves to promote healthy intestinal bacteria.
  • BETTER FIBER - BETTER BOTTOM: The ultra-premium and sustainably sourced ingredients help reduce the negative side effects of fiber and allow for regular bowel movements. Take control of your life and be a cleaner, more confident you!

Take Two - Tom of Finland Edition (TOF-WC)

  • Brand: TAKE TWO
  • Material Feature: Plant Based, Vegan
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count

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