REZCUE Zinc Carnosine + L-Glutamine Drink Powder (120 Grams, 8.47 oz, 48 Servings)

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REZCUE Zinc Carnosine + L-Glutamine Drink Powder (120 Grams, 8.47 oz, 48 Servings)

  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF: As REZCUE is a 100% water-soluble drink powder, it supports the mucosal lining from the mouth to the intestines*
  • ZERO TASTE: The ingredients in this gluten free, vegan wellness formula are virtually tasteless. Just dissolve in a preferably warm liquid, drink slowly, and feel the difference as it goes to work easing heartburn while strengthening stomach lining.*
  • PATENTED POWER: PepZinGI is a unique molecular complex of Zinc and L-Carnosine supplement that has been shown to have the ability to directly help repair * the cells of the stomach lining whilst lasting significantly longer than other GI aids.*
  • NO ADDITIVES: While other amino acids supplements and sports nutrition formulas include other compounds, REZCUE sticks to the Zinc Carnosine and L-Glutamine combo designed solely to soothe the GI tract.*
  • DIFFERENCE-MAKER GUARANTEE: If you don t feel the soothing strength of REZCUE within 30 days, simply contact us to arrange for a prompt, full refund. When other measures fail, REZCUE might be just what you need. Click Add to Cart and try this neutral-tasting GI tract rebuilding formula today.

REZCUE Your GI Tract Do you want something that can balance your mucosal lining, but youre put off by the taste of many drink powders Try This Zinc Carnosine + L-Glutamine Drink Powder from Thera Nordic! With patented PepZinGI as the key ingredient, this tasteless powder gives support to where GI sufferers need it most. What Your Body Needs: L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that in some cases isnt produced in large enough quantities by your body - supplementing with L-Glutamine can support your gastro-intestinal health. PepZinGI Power: This unique complex of Zinc + L-Carnosine not only can directly support your mucosal lining*; it takes longer to break down in the stomach, which allows it to maintain its effect over time**. Gluten Free & Vegan: You dont need to worry that your GI aid will disrupt your diet. This powder contains no gluten and is 100% vegan. No Additives: Zinc Carnosine and L-Glutamine are the extent of the ingredients youll find in this REZCUE drink powder. Only functional ingredients, no fillers. 100% Water Soluble for Maximum Impact: You dont need to wait for capsules to dissolve in your GI tract; youll feel the PepZinGI going to work as you sip your drink. Feel the Difference: If youre not thrilled with the results, simply contact us within 30 days for a prompt, full refund. Try The Taste-Neutral Drink That Does One Thing and Does it Well; Order Your REZCUE Zinc Carnosine + L-Glutamine Drink Powder Today!

  • Brand: REZCUE
  • Item Form: Liquid,Powder
  • Material Feature: Gluten Free, Vegan
  • Unit Count: 1.00 Count

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