Mike's Mix Recovery Drink. 4lb-Chocolate (26 Servings)

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Mike's Mix Recovery Drink. 4lb-Chocolate (26 Servings)

  • Effective. Facilitates Amazing Recovery; nearly eliminating post-workout soreness from strength and endurance workouts.
  • Affordable; your money buys quality product not endorsements and expensive advertisements.
  • Simple. No heavy metals, harmful additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colors.
  • Highest Quality Active Ingredients; lacks additives that increase bulk and price without adding benefits.
  • Tastes Great! Mixes easily and instantly. Rich and delicious even in water.

Never Waste a Workout! Every athlete can sympathize with a poor workout and the frustration of feeling tired, weak and sore. These symptoms can be avoided with proper nutrition by maintaining your body's hydration and glycogen levels, which for many are chronically low. Glycogen is your muscle's way of storing energy, the more you have the greater your performance potential. By consuming an adequate supply of nutrients your body synthesizes its own glycogen, but here's the catch: timing is essential. After exercise, your muscles are glycogen deprived and you have only a short window of time to replenish them. If you don't, levels may be compromised for several days and future workouts will suffer. In fact, what you consume after your workout is almost as important as the workout itself. Mike Lohre, a trainer, coach and scientist understands the importance of proper nutrition for athletes. In his search for an honest post-workout product he found that most supplements fell short of expectations. Thanks to years of research we know exactly what should be in a recovery supplement, but most don't resemble this formula. Many manufacturers use sugar and high-fructose corn syrup as main ingredients; they taste sweet but are not the foundation of a quality supplement. Some, consistent with the research contain the right combination of nutrients but are ridiculously overpriced. So Mike took matters into his own hands and formulated the exact blend of nutrients to provide the quickest and most complete recovery in a post-workout supplement: Mike's Mix was born! With the highest quality of all natural ingredients, Mike's Mix consists of the optimal proportion of quickly digestible carbohydrates and protein without the laundry list of additives. Mike's Mix is offered at an exceptional value, a formula made for an Olympian but available and affordable to everyone. Enjoy!

  • Brand: Mike's Mix
  • Item Form: Syrup
  • Flavor: Chocolate
  • Package Information: Can
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds

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