KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder - Natural Food Coloring, Vibrant Blue, Phycocyanin - Plant Based, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 1.4oz, 27 Servings

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KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder - Natural Food Coloring, Vibrant Blue, Phycocyanin - Plant Based, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 1.4oz, 27 Servings

  • True Blue: Organic spirulina powder, butterfly pea flower tea, is a blue organic food coloring with a nutritious boost. This blue green algae is packed with organic protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals. Add to an acai bowl or green juice!
  • Energy Booster: This blue algae powder gives an energizing boost to blood iron levels, which promotes oxygen circulation within the body. Blue spirulina contains all essential amino acids & is a complete protein source, helping to revitalize muscles.
  • Promotes Digestion: Spirulina is more than blue food coloring - it's truly a superfood powder. Due to its rich chlorophyll content, it may also help strengthen gut flora & promote digestion a fiber supplement can.
  • Antioxidant Rich: Organic blue spirulina powder derives its potent anti-inflammatory properties from phycocyanin & beta carotene, powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. It may also provide immune system support.
  • Premium Quality: Our blue spirulina powder organic is processed right here in the USA (California) in a GMP & NSF certified facility. Each batch is also lab tested by a Verified Third Party to ensure purity, potency and quality.


Your body is a crowded metropolis, a microbial Manhattan. Spirulina - a cyanobacteria - roams your intestinal streets a finger-snapping gang of modernist dancers, populating your intestinal Gotham with teeny, pirouetting, highly choreographed floral cells in micro-tights, most of them part-time waiters. NASA has used Spirulina as a dietary supplement for astronauts. Here the dance metaphor ends.


At KOS we believe in the power of balance and simplicity - fuel for your journey.

  • Dosage form: Powder
  • Brand: KOS
  • Unit count: 40 gram
  • Item weight: 1.4 Ounces
  • Allergen information: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • Product dimensions ‏ ‎: 3.94 x 16.51 x 12.7 cm; 39.69 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ ‎: 23 July 2020
  • Manufacturer ‏ ‎: KOS
  • Item Model Number ‏ ‎: KOS-PAN-BSP01
  • 721 in Herbal Supplements

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