HealthAid Osteozin Vegetarian - 90 Tablets

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HealthAid Osteozin Vegetarian - 90 Tablets

  • Support optimum bone health;
  • Contributes to normal DNA synthesis;
  • Maintenance of normal muscle function
  • Help avert calcium from depositing into the arteries instead of the bones;

HealthAid Osteozin provides Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron to support optimum bone health with the added benefits of Vitamins D3 and K2, essential for the maintenance of healthy blood calcium levels and its efficient utilization by the body. Osteozin is specially formulated using a synergistic blend of active ingredients to ensure maximum assimilation and efficacy. Calcium plays an important role in the development and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium is necessary for the metabolism of the calcium and is useful in supporting normal muscular function. There is evidence that people who experience cramps are ly to have low levels of magnesium. Zinc and Boron are needed to maintain optimal bone density and healthy joints.

  • Brand: HealthAid
  • Age range (description): Adult
  • Item form: Tablet
  • Material feature: Vegetarian
  • Product dimensions: 6 x 8.5 x 12 cm; 140 Grams
  • 21 July 2022
  • Manufacturer: HealthAid
  • Item Model Number: 803347

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